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What is a Voice Brand?

It's the unique combination of voice talent, words, call flow and spirit that greets and guides callers. The voice brand is largely experienced over the telephone today, but that's changing. With the telephone, computer and television morphing into similar multi-function devices due to digital convergence, a company's Voice Brand is being heard on web sites, multimedia CD ROMs, kiosks, cards, point of purchase devices and who knows what else.

Why is a Voice Brand Important?

Customers have more knowledge than ever before. They're making decisions to "buy" based upon the perceived value of your brand. The prerecorded voices on your customer self-service technology is your connection with the customer. Is it strong enough, warm enough and personal enough to keep that customer loyal?

Where is the Voice Brand Heard?

Your customers hear it thousands, perhaps millions of times a day on a wide range of technology...

  • Automated attendants
  • Automatic call distributors (ACD)
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Intercept messages
  • On-Hold Messages
  • Outbound messages notification
  • Phone systems
  • Private branch exchanges (PBX)
  • Speech recognition systems
  • Websites
  • Call centers
  • Local offices
  • Partner offices
  • Departments

The customer, however, should not be troubled with this mix of equipment that answers their phone call. They are doing business with one company. The experience and the voice brand should offer a greater sense of consistency to the customer. For too many companies, their systems have a schizophrenic multiple personality with a different prerecorded voice on every piece of communications equipment. This confusion impacts the overall brand.

Professional Voice Actors

Voice Branding with professional voice actors provides your customers with a consistent caller experience at every touchpoint. Along with supporting your corporate brand, Voice Branding encourages customer loyalty as well as reduces costs associated with dropped calls and frustrating menus.

The Top 100 Voice Brands

In an effort to quantify the status of Voice Branding in America, we called hundreds of companies and recorded their voice brands. A panel of objective industry experts is in the process of grading these voice brands to identify the Top 100 Voice Brands. The results will be posted in October 2004. If you know of great voice brand or a particularly bad one, send it to us: Nominate a Voice Brand.

Voice Branding in America

How do you implement a "Voice Brand Initiative" in a large, multiple-site organization? Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices, wrote the book on Voice Branding. It includes information on voices, storytelling and an entire game plan on creating your Voice Brand. Click here to learn more about Voice Branding in America.

Voice Branding in America

by Marcus Graham