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Like most successful entrepreneurs, Marcus Graham recognized an opportunity and took steps to turn the it into a business. In 1983, after hours recordings for an Atlanta-based department store did not present a positive image to callers. Management agreed; and hired him to upgrade their phone recordings. Soon after, GM Voices opened its doors.

His professional career includes a number of years in commercial radio in the Atlanta area (WFOX and WSB). From radio programmer and ad sales he moved into cable television marketing and sales. Since 1985 Marcus Graham, founder and CEO of GM Voices, Inc., has been helping Fortune 5000 and communications companies enhance their "Voice Brands."

The mission to provide high quality audio recordings using "Voice Actors" for telecommunications applications was the company's foundation. Since that time, telephones, computers and television have converged to create a vibrant communications environment that requires millions of pre-recorded guides, prompts and messages.

In the ensuing years, Marcus has become an industry expert in making the overall interface easy to understand for the user and effective for the application owner. Today, GM Voices, Inc. not only produces audio for telephone systems, the company develops innovative communications programs for a number of business applications including automotive navigation systems, multimedia CD ROM's and Internet web pages using theatrically trained voice talent and actors, music and special effects.

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Voice Branding in America

by Marcus Graham