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Voice Branding Audit

Voice Branding Audit

How often do you call your company like a customer?

So, what happens when a customer or prospect calls your company? What's the experience like for the caller? Are callers greeted by a live agent or an Automated system? Is the Call Handling Process consistent across multiple locations?

A Voice Branding Audit can help you answer these questions easily. This comprehensive and objective report provides a basic assessment of your organization's Call Handling Process as well as a proposal on how you can enhance the process and help you generate more revenue while building customer loyalty.

Audit CD ROM

Much like the samples heard on this Website, a Voice Branding Audit includes a CD ROM that allows you to easily listen to dozens or even hundreds of real calls placed to your organization. You simply click on the various numbers or office listings to hear what callers hear everyday. It's the only way to strategically review your company's Voice Brand. Remember, it's talking to thousands, perhaps millions of customers everyday.


In addition to the actual phone calls, a detailed written analysis of our findings is provided. The information and recommendations found in this analysis are then tailored into a custom Voice Branding Initiative proposal to help you turn more calls into sales!

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Voice Branding in America

by Marcus Graham