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Corporations spend billions of dollars each year building their brands. Ironically, when the calls flow into the company's call centers, sales and customer service organizations, the carefully crafted brand is nowhere to be found. The strategic direction is lost at the most important part of the process: "the call to buy." All too often, decisions on automated call handling are made at the local level and rarely support the carefully crafted strategic marketing message so evident in other areas.

With speech recognition and other automated technologies playing an increasing role in helping customers, the Voice Brand is now being recognized as one of the most important brand building tools for the company. Your "brand" is built one contact at time. Your "Voice Brand" is built one phone call at a time.

What percentage of your company's customer contact is by telephone? For many organizations, the phone is THE primary customer contact channel. Doesn't it make sense to pay attention to this critical link with the customer?

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Voice Branding in America

by Marcus Graham